If u looked for the inexpensive hotel,please use hotel Chuo. Not only the long stay guests,but travelers also like using our hotels


About equipments and rooms

Common space
Microwave/Pot/Large TV/Kitchen/DIshes/IH herter/Sofar/Table/Chair/PC for free/WEIGHT MEASURING MACHINE
Bed (Japanese style has mattress, quilt)/Outlet/Extension cord/Cube style refrigerator/Illumination/Hanger/Air conditioning(heating cooling)/Simple desk/Garbage box
Facility information
Bath room(Distinguishing man and woman)/Shower room/Laundromat/Beverage vending machine/Living area/Newspapers and magazines, cartoons
Amenity for free
※Everything could be exchange at the front desk forr free.
Bath towel/"Face towel/Gown/DISPOSABLE SLIPPER/DISPOSABLE TOOTHBRUSH(Including toothpaste)

Suite room


Suite room which is just one on the highest floor

You can relax stretching your legs in the bath tub
Because the size of a bed is king-size, 2people can lay on it comfortably
The lights have an adjustment for brightness, it’s possible to adjust it if you would like to



Our reception could care guest in 24 hours
Our hotel is so convenient for the guests who arrives at midnight or departs at morning

Business hours 24 hours
Last check-in till 24 o'clock
※ If you could not arrive before 24 o`clock,please contact us

The photo spot which used to be a large public bathroom

The historical bath tub was in a public bathroom when this hotel was Hotel Chuo and is now remodelled into an art object



Cookware / seasoning / tableware

Various seasonings items are available
If you need to use kitchen knife,please ask the reception
You can cook whatever you want to make at our facility
If guests want to stay for long time.please ask us

Coin laundry


Washing machine Approximately 40 minutes ¥ 200
Dryer approximately 30 minutes ¥ 100