Accommodation Charges

Website Reservation Prices
Single Western-style RoomWeekday : 2,400Yen / Saturday : 2,600Yen(tax included)
Single Japanese-style RoomWeekday : 2,400Yen / Saturday : 2,600Yen(tax included)
Twin Western-style RoomWeekday : 4,800Yen / Saturday : 4,800Yen(tax included)
Twin Japanese-style RoomWeekday : 4,200Yen / Saturday : :4,200Yen(tax included)

Busy season and holidays is required separately charge.

Month-long charges
Single Room48,000Yen(Regardless of Western-style or Japanese-style)

Only accept by e-mail
we can not do any refund if you suspend during of your planing days.

Hotel Regulations

Checking In and Checking Out
Check-in Reception: 14:00 AM to 12:00 PM (if later than that, please contact by telephone)
Check-out Time:11:00 AM
Luggage can be held at no charge before check-in and after check-out
Cancellation Policy
Same-day Cancellation: 100% of fee charged
One or Two Days Advance Cancellation:50% of fee charged
Children accompanied by an adult stay at no charge.
(if additional futon is not supplied, available for children below school age.)
Single room:Same rates as adults.
Twin room:No additional fee for sharing a bed.
(if additional futon is not supplied, available for children below school age.)
Use of additional futon or bed: 1,500Yen
Junior high school students and above stay at adult rates.

reservations are required by telephone. (additional charge of \1,000 per night)
If our parking lot is full, there are separate lots or metered parking (separate charges apply)
When making a reservation, please tell us your car’s size (sub-compact, compact, etc.)
Frequently asked questions

Hotel Chuo Group Sightseeing guidance to Kansai

Guest Rooms

  • *Photo of Single Western-style Room

    Single Western-style Room

    Beds are placed on wooden floors and clean sheets are provided.
  • Photo of Single Japanese-style Room

    Single Japanese-style Room

    Single tatami room. Clean futon and sheets are provided.
  • *Photo of Twin Western-style Room

    Twin Western-style Room

    This is a room for two people with beds placed on wooden floors.
  • Photo of Double Western-style Room

    Double Western-style Room


  • Photo of Hotel Exterior

    Exterior View

    A two-minute walk from Exit No. 2 of the Dobutsuen-mae Subway Station (M22, K19)
  • Photo of the Lobby

    Front desk

    Our attentive staff will work to make your stay a pleasant one. Please let us know anytime how we can be of service.
  • Photo of the Lobby


  • Photo of the Pamphlet


  • Photo of the Luggage Storage

    Luggage Storage

  • Photo of the Free coffee service

    Free coffee service

  • Photo of the Sauna


    Sweat your cares away and relax. It improves circulation and relieves fatigue.
  • Photo of the Grand Bath

    Grand Bath

    Bath can be enjoyed with separate times for men and women.
  • Photo of Coin Laundry

    Coin Laundry

    There are a washing machine and a dryer. Please make use of them during long stays.
  • Photo of Shower Room

    Shower Room

    Anyone can use the shower room at any time. It is available 24 hours a day.