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New Information

  • 2010/01/25
    Hotel Chuo Selene will open on March 2010
  • 2009/09/14

    Shinimamiya Tourist Infomation Center
    (limited time Aug 1st - Sep 24th)
    Open am9:00 - 4:00pm
  • 2009/07/02
    Free walking tour for foreign tourists!!
    Next Tour: Sunday July 12th, 2009
  • 2009/04/21
    2009/05/02 HOTEL CHUO OASIS will OPEN !!
  • 2009/04/21
    WEBSITE has been RENEWED!!

Hotel Introduction

Located in the heart of Osaka, the six hotels of the Hotel Chūo Group provide convenient access to all of Osaka’s major attractions, including Namba (the Minami dining and entertainment district), Umeda, Universal Studios Japan, the Osaka Aquarium, and Osaka Castle.All of our hotels are less than an hour from Kansai International Airport by bus or train.They can be accessed directly without transferring from the airport via both the JR and Nankai lines.
Due to both our reasonable rates and relaxed, hostel-style atmosphere, the Chūo Hotel Group has become extremely popular with backpackers visiting Osaka and numerous articles about our hotels have appeared in newspapers and magazines in Japan and abroad.Last year alone, 20,000 foreign customers stayed at the five hotels in our group(a total of 47,389 nightly stays).
Recognizing that many foreign backpackers visit Japan on a limited budget, we at the Chūo Hotel Group strive to provide those backpackers wit a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Japan.

Free walking tour for foreign tourists

  • 2009/07/02
    Next Tour: Sunday July 12th, 2009
    Walking tour’s theme:Walking through the Traditional Community
    “Hirano” and Summer Festival of Kumata Shrine in Osaka
    Tour time:1:00PM to 4:00PM (scheduled),

    Language:English & Chinese mandarin
    Seats:15 persons. We are to close the list when the number of
    participants reaches the quota.
    Cost:Free, only actual expenses
  • 2009/07/02
  • 2009/07/02
    2009/06/20 WalkingTour(PDF)

    Walking tour’s theme:
    Walk Osaka’s Shrine and Artisans

    Tour time:
    1:00PM to 4:00PM (scheduled),Saturday June 20th, 2009

    Tour’s outline:
    The industrial city of Osaka, once called Manchester of the Orient, possesses a number of highly skilled businesses as well as artisans who make handicrafts with traditional techniques that have survived to this day.
    In addition, June is a popular wedding month throughout Japan.
    This tour will visit Sumiyoshi Shrine in Osaka City, traditional house and musuem of knives in Sakai City.
    If we are lucky, we could happen to meet traditional Shinto marrages at the Shrine.
    In Sakai, you can experience to make Japanese knives and to join tea ceremony.
  • 2008/04/06
    Walking Tour "Visiting Temples with Foreing Tourists"

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