Raizan is great for people who are searching for an inexpensive place to stay. Raizan is suitable for backpackers as well as long staying guests.



Raizan Hotel information

  • - Raizan North and Raizan South are in the same building It used to be managed seperately, but now both have the same front desk
  • - Room size, equipment and services are all the same
  • - In order to accommodate groups or people extending their stay, we might change the room from Raizan North to Raizan South or the other way around. (We won´t change the room type). We ask for your cooperation.


Check in & Check out time

  • Check in 2PM~1AM
  • Check out:11AM

About cancel and changing

  • Cancellation on the day: 100%
  • Cancellation on the before one day or two days:50%

We have free luggage space in lobby

  • Using leaving space for free even before check in and after check out

About child guest

About the child guest fees on the twin rooms
※Over 12 years: Adult fare
From 6 to 11years old: Child rates
Under 5 years old: For free(※If u needed the sleeping facility for the child,we would charge you the adult price per child
※All single rooms are adult rates

Information about car parking

  • Phone reservationin advance system (¥1,000 / night)
  • If the parking space was full,please use affiliated parking or coinparking(Rate separately)

※ Please tell the size of the car (light · small car etc) when you will make a reservation

Another service

Monthly service
Reception is only via e-mail
We can not accept the refund
four of washing machines and dryers are installed
Detergents is sold at the receptionist


〒557-0002 1-3-3 Taishi Nishinari-ku Osaka city