Frequently asked questions

Here we have brought together the most frequent questions that prospective guests ask us. Please read this page before sending us inquiries.

About reservations

How far in advance can I make reservations?
Basically we accept reservations up to three months in advance.
There are some days when we cannot have rooms ready due to the room vacancy situation.
For details, please confirm the status of vacant rooms.
Can I make same-day reservations?
Even without reservations, you may stay here if there are vacant rooms available.
Can I be put on a reservation waiting list?
We are sorry, but we do not keep a waiting list.
Do you accept reservations for Golden Week and the New Year holidays?
We are very busy at that time, so please contact us at least two weeks ahead.
Can high school students stay here?
They can stay here, but in some cases we will need confirmation from a guarantor.
Can I bring a pet with me?
We do not allow pets of any kind.

About charges

When should the room charge be paid?
Please pay in full when checking in.
Can I pay with a credit card?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, JCB, or AMEX credit cards for payment.
What are the penalty charges for cancellation?
For cancellations up till one day ahead, we will charge 50% of the room charge. For same-day cancellations, or if you do not contact us, we will charge 100% of the room charge.
Do you charge for children?
The charge for elementary school students and younger is \1,300.
Infants and toddlers can stay for free if they sleep in the same bed with their parents.
Middle school students and older must pay adult rates.
Can I pay with merchandise coupons?
We are sorry but we cannot accept coupons.
Can male children stay on the women's floor?
Elementary school students and younger can stay here.
Can the checkout time be extended?
Checkout can be extended until 1 PM at a charge of ¥500 per person. After that, another night's rate will be charged. If you wish to extend the checkout time, please inform the front desk before 9 AM. (Depending on reservation status, we may not be able to extend the checkout time).
Is there a discount for staying multiple nights?
Yes we do.Please see herefor more information.
Do you have group discount rates?
Yes we do. Please tell us the number in your group, the dates you wish to stay, and the room type.

Transportation and the surrounding neighborhood

How can I get to the hotel from the nearest station?
It is a 2-minute walk from the No. 3 exit of Dobutsuen-mae Subway Station. It is a 3-minute walk from the east exit of JR Shin-imamiya Station.
What tourism facilities or tourist sites are in the neighborhood of the hotel?
Here is a map: ….
Examples: Tsutenkaku Tower (10-minute walk); Universal Studios Japan (JR Loop Line, change at Nishi-kujo for Universal City Station); Osaka Castle, Universal Studios Japan, Namba, Shinsaibashi, Amerika-mura, Umeda, Osaka Castle Dome, Kyocera Dome, Prefectural Gymnasium, JR Kyoto Station, Himeji

Office hours

What are the check-in and checkout times?
Check-in is from 12 AM until 12 PM. Checkout time is before 11 AM.
Do you lock up for the night?
Once you have checked in, you can enter or leave at any time, 24 hours a day.
Can I arrive early in the morning, for example by night bus?
It depends on the room availability on the day you arrive, but if there are vacant rooms we can accommodate you.
If there are none, we can store your luggage without charge.
If your time allows, you can also use the bath and the shower room if you contact us ahead.
Is it all right to check in late at night?
If you are arriving after midnight, we will try hard to accommodate you if you have contacted us in advance.
Can I check out early in the morning?
Business hours at the front desk are from 5 AM until 11 AM, but if you ask us in advance we will accommodate you.


What are the hours for using the bath and the shower rooms?
You may use the shower rooms 24 hours a day.
The large bath is separate for men and women.
What is supplied in the bath and shower rooms?
Body soap and rinse-in-shampoo are supplied. Hair dryers may be borrowed free of charge.
How many shower rooms are there?
There are 4 shower rooms.(2 rooms, 24 hours a day; 2 rooms (morning) from 6 AM to 10 AM, and from 4 PM to 12:30 AM)
Is there a charge for exchanging used bath towels?
There is no charge for bath towel exchange.

Hotel and room facilities

Can I use the internet at the hotel?
There are 4 PCs in the lobby htat can be used 24 hours a day without charge. There is also free Wifi access in all of the rooms.
Is there a coin laundry?
There are a coin-operated washer and dryer on the first floor.
Detergent packets are sold at the front desk.
What are the equipment and amenities in the rooms?
The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a refrigerator, a TV. The amenities are: bath towels, face towels, bathrobe, mirror, slippers, tissues, a toothbrush set, paper cups, and cotton swabs.
Is hot water (for tea, etc.) available?
We have them in the lobby. There are also electric pots that you may borrow free of charge. There are a limited number, so please be understanding if we run out.
Cooking utensils and condiments are also available free of charge.


What items can be borrowed for use?
A list of loan items follows. Please ask for them at the front desk.
Please understand that numbers may be limited and they are supplied on a first come, first served basis.
dryers, mirrors
bicycles, cell phone chargers, and smart phone chargers are available.
If I stay more than one night, is there a charge for replacing amenities?
They are supplied free of charge at the front desk (this applies to bath towels, face towels, bathrobes, toothbrush sets, and slippers).
Can you store luggage before check-in and after checkout?
We will hold your luggage free of charge.
Can luggage be sent from the hotel by package delivery service?
We can handle C.O.D. package delivery service (with Yamato Transport Co.).
I want to send some luggage to the hotel before the check-in date. Can you accept it?
We can accept mailed items. Be sure to write clearly on them the check-in date and the name of the recipient.
Is it alright to meet people who are not guests inside the hotel?
It is alright in the lobby, but please refrain from meeting them in the guest rooms.
The lobby can be used from 6 AM until 10 AM.
Will you clean the room during my stay?
We can clean the room if you let us know at the front desk by 9 AM.
Do you supply breakfast?
Breakfast is available for \200. (2 pieces of toast, yogurt, and a cookie.).
Coffee and tea are available for free in the lobby.
Can you arrange for massages?
We are sorry, but we cannot.
Do you have printing, copying, or fax services?
For a fee, printouts can be made from the lobby PCs. For copies and faxes, please ask at the front desk (fee required).

Parking space

Do you have parking space? How much does it cost to park?
Yes we do. The number of spaces is limited so please confirm by telephone in advance. At that time, please tell us the size of the vehicle. The charge for parking is ¥1,000 per night. If all spaces are full, we will direct you to nearby coin parking, etc.
Do you have parking space for motorcycles?
Yes, and there is no charge to park motorcycles, but again space is limited.
Do you have parking space for buses?
There are space limitations depending on the size, so please check with us by telephone.

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