Osaka is actually far from a radioactive danger and worth visiting since Osaka has nothing to do with a radioactive fall-out.

Hotel Chuo Group Sightseeing guidance to Kansai

Discount tickets by NANKAI Electric Railway

Starting from August 2005, We no longer have a curfew. We also provide a new lobby on the first floor, 24 hour-capable individual shower cabins and coin-operated laundry machines.

Japanese-style : 1 Night from 2,400Yen
Single Bed : 1 Night from 2,400Yen
Twin Bed : 1 Night from 4,200Yen

It takes only 15 minutes from our location to Universal Studio Japan. Because we are in the middle of metropolitan Osaka City, it is the greatest location not only for tourists but also for business person.

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Coffee Machine

Shower Cabins
/Laundry Machines



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